Down the Ages

Our Motto:

Proclaiming the Compassionate Love of God, especially to the marginalized and vulnerable section of the Society.

The Ancient Holy city of Benaras,which is the seat of wisdom and philosophy. The city is also known as 'Sangum' of three main religions: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is adorned with art music, and dance at the lap of the river Ganges.

It is here Fr. Antonius Maria Bodewig our founder saw the heart aching reality; the miserable situation of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, discrimination of women, pitiful state of widows, widow immolation, inhuman treatment of the girl child, child marriage etc.

While he was in India, he also noticed that the great number of missionaries were occupied solely with the educational institutions. He was moved with compassion and decided to dedicate his entire life for the evangelization of India, to sow the seed of Kingdom values of Justice, peace and brotherhood taught by Christ. Thus he founded our congregation "Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles." The first group of sister arrived in Chunar North India in 1927.

Our Contribution:

Today Varanasi Province is called "Mother Province" as the gave birth to four other Province:

  • Southern Province / Kerala-Tamil Nadu Province
  • Central Province / Karnataka-Goa Province
  • Eastern Province / Bihar
  • Maharashtra Province

Today we have 28 communities with 207 sisters rendering services in the diocese of Varanasi, Allahabad and Udaipur. We are engaged in various ministries with a single motto of proclaiming the compassionate love of God, especially to the marginalized and vulnerable section of the society.

Our Mission Activities:

  • Faith Formation & Proclamation
  • Education
  • Social Development
  • Health Care
  • Prayer Apostolate
  • Boarding



Sr. Jayshree Pereira - August-20

Sr. Ranjita Valayyath - August-20

Sr. Kumudni Beck - August-23

Sr. Josepha Xaxa - August-24

Sr. Leena Lakra - August-26

Sr. Alfreda Gonsalves - August-29

Sr. Camilla Kullu - August-30

Sr. Sadhana Thypparampil - August-30

Sr. Shruti Puthukattuparambil - September-01

Sr. Anshu Baxla - September-01

Sr. Susanna Thengampallil - September-03

Sr. Nalini Rodrigues - September-03

Sr. Thoma Minj - September-08

Sr. Shyamla Ferreira - September-09

Sr. Francisca - September-10

Sr. Neha Toppo - September-16

Sr. Sarita Kullu - September-16

Sr. Abhilasha Rodrigues - September-19

Sr. Ancina Joseph - September-19

Sr. Sarita Saras - September-20

Sr. Esther Kuddilil - September-21

Sr. Selvarani m.s - September-21

Sr. Uttama Bhandari - September-23

Sr. Madhuri Tirkey - September-25

Sr. Mabel Kannath - September-26

Sr. Lata Toppo - September-27

Sr. Vinaya Elengical - September-29

Sr. Beena Ponnanical - September-30

Sr. Serena Marzella - October-01

Sr. Gloria Gonsalves - October-03

Sr. Rosely Panamkalayil - October-03

Sr. Alice Beck - October-05

Sr. Julita Kunnel - October-06

Sr. Loyola Fernandez - October-06

Sr. Arpita Kujur - October-06

Sr. Reshma Samad - October-06

Sr. Lalita Kujur - October-12

Sr. Sudeepa Kurian - October-13

Sr. Beatrice Aind - October-14

Sr. Angelica Vechoorkizhakethil - October-14

Sr. Kamla Henriques - October-16

Sr. Felicia Puthiaveettil - October-17