"To become all things to all" the motto of Fr. Antonius Maria Bodewig.

He wanted this to be the life programme of his followers.

We firmly believe the Mission in Uganda, one of the African countries is the inspiration of Fr.Bodewig to his followers. This mission was initiated by the Superior General Sr. Maria Goretti and her team. The Uganda mission is belong to Austrian Delegation.

Establishment of Mission in Uganda

We came to Uganda in May 2007. Sr. Theresia SRA gained experience by working in a hospital for few months before the arrival of Sisters Olive SRA and Shashikala SRA in the month of July. They have arrived here on 20th July 2007.

After a short stay of three days at bishop's house we shifted to a parish situated in remote village called St. Mary's Parish, Maloongwe, and Lugazi diocese Mukono district on the 24th July 2007. We live in minimum physical facilities and maximum God's blessings.

History of Uganda in Nutshell

In 1500 AD kingdoms were established in South and East Uganda. In 1870 the 1st Christians missionaries arrived in Uganda. British established dominations over Uganda in 1884. In 1962 Uganda gained independence. 1966 President Obotel declared himself President of Uganda. 1967 new constitution is approved and the kingdoms were abolished.

1971 Idi Amin overthrows President Milton Obotte. In 1972 the economic war is declared, and Ugandan Asians are given three months to leave. In 1979 Uganda invades Tanzania. War began Amin escaped to Arab country. 1980 Milton President again. In 1981 Yoweri Museveni led guerriam war. In 1984 Milton Obote was over thrown and the first AIDS cases reported. In 1985 and Yoweri Museveni becomes the President, Until today he is the President of Uganda.

Religion and Education

The people over her are good and affectionate though they are very poor. 80 percentage of them are Christian (40% Catholics, 35 Christian) 20 percentage Muslims and a small fraction other faith (nature worshipers).

In early 90's many of the children in the villages were not sent to school, the most common reasons given by parents for their children not attending school revolves around children's role in the household economy. Girls work in and around the home, collecting water (which may take hours) grinding food, cultivating, weeding, cooking and caring for younger children and the sick.

Boys were given skill about herding. As one elder said, "My boys have never gone to school. The cattle camp is their school." In the late 90's they began sending their children to school. The medium of education is English. In the recent years the government introduced local language as the medium of education in the lower primary school.

A Call to Complete the Mission

We have a vision and mission to fulfill in this poverty trodden country."I have observed the misery of my people who are in Egypt (Uganda); I have heard their cry, so come I will send your." "I will be with you" (Exodus 3:7-12).

So also the call came to sisters Sr. Theresia, Sr. Olive and Shashikala and their answer was

"Here I am Lord, is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night, I will go Lord If you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart.."

And they are sent by the Lord to a remotest part of Uganda to carry out His work and the mission of the Lord.

Our Apostolate

We concentrate mainly to Catechetical, social/ developmental and medical apostolate. We conduct Sunday class and wherever there is opportunity go with priests to out stations (mission stations) for Holy Mass and also participate in the church activities.

Sr. Theresia organizes and carryout outreach programme. The area being remote medical facilities are very poor. She is doing a great work; many poor people are being helped by treating them with immediate assistance.

Sisters Olive and Shashikala are totally involved in developmental and social work. They work in collaboration with UCDT (Uganda Czech Developmental Trust), Social activities in the villages; she is the coordinator who supervises and guides social workers in carrying out children's project and village agricultural project. She also involves in sponsorship programme for children. Sr. Olive is totally involved in Children sponsorship programme of UCDT. She gets involved with many schools and helps to improve the standard of the schools.

We hope and pray that many more committed person will be inspired by the Lord for this mission field to carry the Lord's work here.