Life and Growth of Southern Province

We warmly cherish the memory of that humble beginning of "S.R.A. Southern Province"; on 22nd February, 1997.

Rev. Mother Reinhilde Moelder, the then Superior General, and her Council, envisioned a fruitful expansion of the existing South Province bifurcating it to two provinces namely Central province and the Southern Province. The Southern Province was entrusted to the creative care of Sr. M. Lea, the first Provincial Superior who prompted by the ever awakening awareness of the mission and the vision of the Congregation, laudably led the Province up to the widening gyres of growth. Sr. M. Regis her successor exemplified her 'zeal for the house of the Lord' in carrying out her responsibility with enthusiasm and on 25th Oct. 2004 handed over the Province to Sr. Lucius and her team members. On October 27, 2008, Sr Ushas along with her team, Sr Jonila, Sr Denzil, Sr Nirmal, Sr Supriya and Sr Lydia took up the responsibility of leading the Province. At the completion of the term of the Province tea, the newly appointed team under the leadership of Sr. Donia took charge of animating the Province from December 2012 to 2016. Sr. Donia Kannanthara and her team Sr. Valsala, Sr. Merciline, Sr. Jayarose, Sr. Roselyta passed on the administration of Southern Province to Sr. Ushas Varekulam, the Province animator and her Team Sr. Jayarose, Sr. Flossy, Sr. Anasthasia and Sr. Leona.

Sisters make every effort to incardinate the heritage we acquired from our beloved Founders and Pioneers and keep burning the flames of their fire through the following activities-

  • Evangelization
  • Formal & non formal education
  • Healing Ministry
  • Social Developmental works
  • Prison Ministry
  • Orphanages & Boarding Houses
  • Leprosarium
  • Geriatric Care
  • Tailoring Centers
  • Pastoral Work



Sr. Preshitha Thaliath - February-21

Sr. Monica Soosaiappan - February-26

Sr. Nirmal Abraham - February-28

Sr. Digna Madamvilakam - March-05

Sr. Leema Samiathan - March-10

Sr. Sharon Jose vilasam - March-11

Sr. Reshma Kaithareth - March-15

Sr. Lissy Kumbappallil - March-20

Sr. Judith Thazhathuvarikayil - March-22

Sr. Anandlata Kanicherril - March-27

Sr. Selvi Antony cruz - April-05

Sr. Dennis Madathil - April-06

Sr. Lillian Kumbappallil - April-12

Sr. Anoopa Remya house - April-13

Sr. Sujatha Vilayilayathu - April-13