Chronological Events

The Growth of the Society

1839 - Fr Bodewig was born in Bonn, Cologne, Germany

1857 - Fr Bodewig joins the Jesuit Society of the German Province

1872 - Fr Antonius Maria Bodewig arrives as a missionary to Bombay-Pune mission, India

1874 - Commencement of Mission in Igathpuri, Bombay Pune Mission

1876 - Fr Bodewig returns to Germany

1888 - Fr Bodewig leaves Society of Jesus and incardinates himself to the Diocese of Cologne

1892 - Fr Bodewig founds the Missionary Society of Immaculate Conception for the Evangelization of India

1894 - The letter 'ad Laudem' from the Propaganda praising the initiative of Fr Bodewig to start a Missionary Society which stirs up a controversy between him and the Cardinal Philip Krementz, Archbishop of Cologne

1894-1895 - Opposition from the Cologne Archdiocesan authorities about establishment of Missionary Society pf Fr Bodewig

1895 - Suspension of Missionary Society of Bodewig by Philp Krementz, Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne and suspension of Bodewig

1895 - Fr Bodewig and his group flees to Belgium

1895 - Sending out 22 members of Fr Bodewig's group from Munich to India

1896 - Arrival of Fr Bodewig's first missionary group in Lahore

1896 - Propaganda notifies the Bishops of Dacca and Lahore about the suspension of Fr Bodewig and the dissolution of his Missionary Society by the Archbishop of Cologne

1896 - Fr Bodewig's group stranded in Dacca, joins local Congregations, while a few of them return to Europe

1896 - The final dissolution of Fr Bodewig's Missionary Society by Pope Leo XIII

1896 - The Belgien Capuchin Bishop, Godfrried Pelkmans of Lahore constitutes Fr Bodewig's group stranded in his Diocese into two Franciscan Tertiary Congregations (of Brothers and Sisters)

1901 - Bro Paul Moritz of the first group starts in Nagpur a Society of Missionary Brothers of St Francis

1901 - Fr Bodewig starts the "Philanthropic Society of the White Star" with the same ideals as before

1906 - A group of Brothers led by Bro Paul Sonntag is sent by Fr Bodewig to Vienna to continue the work for the erection of a missionary Institute with ideals outlined by him

1908 - The first group of sisters sent to Vienna to work as nurses

1908 - Fr Bodewig makes a vow to build a temple most worthy in honour of the Immaculate Conception in the city of Benares on December 8 in Mariaveld, Belgium

1909 - Bro Sonntag's publishing Agency stars a m mission Magazine 'Licht und Liebe (Light and Love)

1910 - Fr A.M. Bodewig makes fresh attempts to bring missionaries to India by taking up correspondence with the Bishop of Allahabad

1913 - Fr Bodewig is greed from the yoke of suspension

1915 - Fr. A. M Bodewig dies in Rome on January 8, 1915 on the eve of his scheduled papal audience

New Begininng

1916 - The Society of Catholic Mission Work for India is established in Vienna. Dr Theodore Innitzer becomes its Vice President

1918 - The sisters adopt the name 'Zanana Mission Sisters'

1919 - 'Catholic Mission Work for India' and 'Zanana Mission Sisters' amalgamate

1920 - The 'Zanana Mission Sisters' open houses in St Blasien and Hallenberg, Germany

1923 - The Missionary Sisters of 'Queen of Apostles' is Canonically erected in Vienna, by Archbishop Dr. Gustav Cardinal Piffl. Dr Cardinal Theodor Innitzer becomes the first Superior of the sisters and is considered their spiritual Father

1924 - Batches of sisters from the erstwhile foundation make their novitiate in Vienna under the direction of a sister of the Congregation of the Divine Saviour

1925 - The first group of sisters make their profession in Vienna on January 6, 1925. Sr Xaveria Blass and Sr Antonia Ungermann also were in this group

1926 - Sr Antonia Ungermann takes charge as Novice mistress

1927 - The first three sisters Sr M. Hieronyma, m. Angelica, M. Immaculata leave for India to take up work in the Diocese of Allahabad

1928 - Sr M Xaveria Blass appoints as the first Superior General of the Congregation

1931 - The sister in India are offered an old Bungalow in Benares. Hence they moved from Chunar to Benares

1932 - Dr Theodore Innitzer is consecrated Archbishop of Vienna

1934 - Mother Xaveria visits India, St Mary's Convent, Varanasi and Tehresapur

1939 - Outbreak of word war II. The Congregation begins to Recruit Indian vocations. First Novitiate in Varanasi and recruits are from Mumbai

1944 - The first vocations from Kerala followed by some from Ranchi

1947 - The first village mission opened in Francispur

1949 - Congregation obtains the Decretum Laudis (Decree of Praise) from the Holy See and congregation begins to enjoy the status of Papal Congregation

1952 - Mother Antonia Ungermann becomes the 2nd Superior General

1964 - Second Ordinary General Chapter in Rome

1964 - Sr Mercedes Schwoediauer elected 3rd Superior General

1964 - Constitution of the Congregation approved in Rome

1965 - Indian Novices were brought to Europe for formation

1969 - Extra Ordinary General Chapter in Vienna and revision of the Constitutions. Formation of new regions of Germany, southern Region comprising of Maharashtra & Gujarat, Karnataka & Goa, Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

1972 - a Second Novitiate for the southern region established at Queen of Apostles Covent, Vamanjoor

1976 - Third Ordinary General Chapter in Vienna. Sr Consolatrix was elected Superior General

1982 - Fourth Ordinary General Chapter in Vienna. Constitutions were revised and finalized

1983 - Entry int o anew mission field in Philippines

1985 - the final approval of the Constitutions by the Holy See.

1985 - Establishment of Novitiate in Philippines

1988 - Fifth Ordinary General Chapter for the first time in Varanasi India

1992 - Beginning of new mission in Slovakia

1993 - The formation of the third Region in India - Eastern Province

1994 - Construction of the new wing to Mother House and Generalate. Construction of the new Chapel dedicated to Mary Queen of Apostles

1994 - 6th General Chapter in Vienna

2000 - 7th Ordinary General Chapter in Ishvani Kendra, Pune, India. Sr Callista Panachikel first Indian elected Superior General

2006 - 8th Ordinary General Chapter at Stella Maris Provincialate Uttan, Mumbai. Sr Maria Goretti was elected Superior General

2007 - Entry into mission field, UGANDA

2008 - Centenary Celebration of Fr Bodewig's vow to erect a temple in honour of the Immaculate conception at Banaras

2012 June - Blessing of the Fr. Bodewig home Jinja Uganda

2012 July - Inauguration of the formation house for common orientation, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

2012 September - 9th Ordinary General Chapter held in Satyanjali, Igatpuri. Sr. M. Nanditha Pereira was elected superior General

2013 July - Celebration 90 years of SRA