Inspiration for the Mission

In every age, race and time, God inspires; sends prophets, kings and peoples to deliver His message and to proclaim it to all the nations in every possible means. That same love has prompted our sisters Consolatrix, the then Mother General who encouraged and supported the possibility for new mission, the assistance of exploring such inspiration by Sr. Mercedes together with the Initiator- Sr. Reinhilde Moelder.

Establishment Philippine Mission

The Philippine mission was conceived in the year 1970 when Sr. Reinhilde came for the first time to attend an International Conference of Catholic nurses in Manila. The encounters with significant sisters and priests left some marks on her with a great desire to come back and serve the Philippine Church not limiting the extent of entering where door is open to spread the fragrance of our charism to a Christian nation.

God willed it so to happen after twelve (12) years at the General Chapter of August 1982 upon the receipt of another invitation from a Claretian Bishop of Basilan at that time- Bishop Jose Maria Querexeta, CMF, the proposal of opening mission in the Philippines was accepted and approved, thus the Birth of the Philippine Mission.

On March 22, 1983, the sisters arrived in Manila with great vigour and enthusiasm. Theirs was an international community composed of European, Indians and Filipina SRAs. Their presence made impact in the life of our young girls to join the congregation.

The evangelization done through Medical apostolate in the far distant areas of zamboanga attracts not only vocation but also through this we are known as Medical Sisters.

Our Apostolate

SRA launched at the start the medical and catechetical apostolates making ourselves also available in parish works. Our benefactors made it possible for our pioneers to reach out to poor and indigent sick people who cannot afford to avail the medicines at a high cost. Its is too expensive to get sick in the Philippines that is why the medical outreach still remains very important and significant.

The mission in the Philippine Church is to strengthen the faith of the people where Christ is already known and proclaimed. But the Church also realized that there is a big task to Re-evangelize our people in all dimensions of life especially the moral degradation of the people at large, the issue on ecology & corruption in the country, the plight of the tribal peoples, women, children, youth and the need to be builders of peace and inter-religious dialogue specially in Mindanao. We are confronted with these realities and yet we have to respond to the pressing needs of the time and of the moment where we are.

From 1983 to the present, we are moving from medical and catechetical apostolate to the Family Life apostolate, ministering the Out of School Youth (muslims and Christians alike), Women, Kindergarten formal education, Retreat and Recollection giving, intensification of vocation promotion, and hopefully we shall start with dormitory for girls early next year not only as IGP thou it's the primary purpose but also to foster vocations, looking forward too to establish financial status of the delegation and the educational upgrading and competence in the different field of our missionary endeavours.



Sr. M. cecilia Dela concepcion - February-23

Sr. M. antonita Digohermano - March-28

Sr. M. agnes Bucoy - April-02